Managed dedicated server

Quick question: when does a business need a fully managed dedicated server?

There are some cases:

  • For high traffic websites.
  • Need to process multiple complex data requests at the same time, or image, music encoding / decoding.
  • Some financial organizations do not want to share hardware with others.
  • You do not need to maintain an IT department for doing server management tasks.

That’s why VietNAP Managed Hosting still offers fully managed dedicated server product line in our rack space.

VietNAP managed dedicated server

With small businesses, VPS can meet their needs quite well. With the development of hardware technology, virtual private servers can be able to handle requests much better than physical dedicated server that is three or four years old. But for above reasons, physical servers are still on demand.

Moreover, customers who use managed dedicated servers have the same management benefits, but utilize much stronger dedicated hardware than VPS customers. Meanwhile, some colocation customers can use their preferred server brands, VietNAP only builds customized Supermicro servers in our secured data centers. We do not try to get more profit by using cheap hardware such as desktop brands. The customers’ servers stability goes first.

Here are some example configurations:

SQ series managed dedicated server

  • Single quad-cores CPU.
  • 8GB RAM.
  • Raid10 with 4 x 250GB SATA-II 3Gbps disks array.
  • 5000 GB (US) or 2500 GB (VN) transfer / month.

DQ series managed dedicated server

  • Double quad-cores CPU.
  • 32GB RAM.
  • Raid10 with 4 x 73GB SAS disks array.
  • 5000 GB (US) or 2500 GB (VN) transfer / month.

All servers are loaded with CloudLinux OS and DirectAdmin hosting control panel. In addition, all servers are secured and initially optimized before deploying to customers. No hidden charge. Many other vendors offer cheap servers, but it is for hardware only. They charge for any other service such as adding a control panel, doing data backup, etc. We cover all in our server management plan.

Each business is different. For managed dedicated server, we do not provide “one size fits all” product. Based on each business requirements, we will work out the best solution to save most but still satisfy the needs.

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