Virtual private servers

Powered by Citrix Xenserver, our VPS product line utilizes Supermicro servers with quad-cores CPU, raid10 disks array, DDR3 memory that will bring you the best performance in non-overselling environment.

VPS V2 plan

  • Ideal for small business
  • 80 GB raid10 disk space
  • 2000 GB (US) or 600 GB (VN) transfer / month
  • 1024MB dedicated RAM
  • 1024MB swap
  • 1 dedicated vCore CPU
Starting at $85/month

VPS V3 plan

  • Our customer’s favorites VPS plan
  • 120 GB raid10 disk space
  • 4000 GB (US) or 2000 GB (VN) transfer / month
  • 2048MB dedicated RAM
  • 2048MB swap
  • 1 dedicated vCore CPU
Starting at $129/month

VPS features

Admin Management

  • Daily data backup on separate devices
  • 100% network uptime with High-availability setup
  • Raid10 hard disk arrays
  • Dedicated system resources. No overselling
  • support for customers who want to switch current hosting providers to VietNAP
Site Management

  • Choice of OS: CentOS, CloudLinux, Windows 2008 server
  • Control panel: DirectAdmin, Website Panel
  • Unlimited hosted domains


  • The prices are excluded VAT for customers in Vietnam
  • 6 month prepaid, you will get 5% discounted
  • 12 month prepaid, you will get 10% discounted